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Aromatic Vegetable Stew

After indulging in many delectable traditional festive foods many of which are meats smothered in rich, thick sauces, I decided to cleanse my system with a one dish meal. I also wanted something tasty and healthy that entices the senses … Continue reading

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Red Bean-Lily Bulb Soup the Cantonese Way

Sweet red bean (adzuki or Aduki bean) soup is a popular dessert among the Chinese. One can find it hawked along the streets and served at grand Chinese banquets. I enjoy the distinctive aroma of red bean enhanced by the … Continue reading

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Turnip-Shrimp Wanton Soup

Perk up wanton with appetizing ginger-green chili relish. Plate of ginger-chili relish on the left of spoon. I like this dumpling with its crunchy turnip and sweet shrimp filling eaten with the tasty soup. The Chinese called the dumpling ‘wanton’. … Continue reading

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