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Healthy Black Vinegar Sauce for Meat

Black vinegar or ‘kurozu’ in Japanese is used in China and Japan as both condiment and as a health tonic to combat high cholesterol, hypertension and reduce blood glucose (sugar).The full, rich flavor of black vinegar makes it a tasty … Continue reading

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Porridge To Calm & Beautify

In ancient China, Royalty and commoners take this porridge to tranquilize their mind, cleanse their system and clarify the skin. The medicinal mushroom, fuling, detoxifies the body through diuresis thus benefiting those with edema (water retention) and people who suffer … Continue reading

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Vitamin C Booster

Glass of roselle-lemon tea with pieces of cut calyx nearby. Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is a tangy red drink very high in vitamin C. the drink can be drunk warm or cold and goes by the names, hibiscus tea, Sudan tea … Continue reading

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