Since very young, mother made us acutely aware of the connection between our body and the food we eat. She would advise a sibling to cut down on meat, pastries and chocolates and to consume more cooling fruits and drinks because the child’s tongue have a thick coating and his breath was foul. On the other hand, she would ask another not to eat any fruits and raw food. He should consume cooked food, including certain vegetables and some chocolate is beneficial to him! Her advice was based on her assessment of each individual’s stools, urine and other bodily signs.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) consider every morsel we pop into our mouth has an effect on our body. Ayurveda believe we should live according to the daily and seasonal rhythm and both systems concur that our diet should harmonize with our body’s needs. As my mother like to say, “Any food in excess is poison”. The rising ‘lifestyle’ diseases where eating habits plays a role showed there is some truth to her words. Therefore, our family motto is to live a balanced life, eat well and consume a wide variety of food in moderation according to the signals and signs sent out by our body.

In the West, people are reminded to count their calories so as not to overeat. TCM divides the energy of food into three types: cooling, warming and neutral energy. Some people called the types of energy the ‘Energetics of food’. Food has energetics that can counterbalance the energetics in our body to bring about equilibrium. Equilibrium leads to a state of good health.

Our eating habits will determine whether food will be our medicine or our poison. Throughout my writings, you will find reference to energetics of food, whether it is cooling, warming or neutral.

Want to know more about food energetics? Check out the basics here:
ENERGY OF FOOD – (New window)


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