Porridge To Calm & Beautify

Fuling-Lily bulb Porridge
In ancient China, Royalty and commoners take this porridge to tranquilize their mind, cleanse their system and clarify the skin. The medicinal mushroom, fuling, detoxifies the body through diuresis thus benefiting those with edema (water retention) and people who suffer from urinary difficulty. Fuling helps to regulate the functions of the immune system, thus benefiting those with weak immunity such as the elderly and sickly.

This bland herbal porridge goes well with Empress Dowager Ci Xi’s favorite snack, Fuling pancake. Her poor appetite prompted the imperial chefs to use medicinal herbs that could invigorate the spleen and promote appetite. Fuling fitted their requirements.

Both fuling and lily bulb (bai he) tranquilizes the mind. The herbs help alleviate insomnia, irritability and forgetfulness. The herbs also aid removal of obstructive phlegm.

In TCM, lily bulb is associated with the lung and heart meridians. It helps to relieve coughs, dry throats, clear heat and moisten the lungs. 


Fuling-Lily bulb Porridge


• 15g fuling powder
• 15 lily bulbs
• 50g uncooked rice
• Water (depending on whether you prefer thick or thin porridge, the amount of water range between 800ml. to 1200ml.)


1. Wash ingredients clean.

2. Soak lily bulbs in water for several hours.

3. Place all ingredients in a pot or rice cooker to boil.

4. After water has boiled, turn down heat to simmer until the porridge is cooked.


♦ Alternatively, you can either use an electric pot for making porridge or a slow cooker instead.

♦ Accompany the porridge with condiments and side dishes.

♦ Do not take this porridge if you have chronic diarrhea. Seek medical attention to find out the underlying cause of your problem.

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