Ginger-green chili Relish

We keep a bottle of this relish handy in the fridge. It is a good appetizer and can be used to spice up bland food, add to fried rice, dry noodle or salads. It can also be eaten with hamburger. Usually we finish up a bottle within three weeks.


• young ginger (peeled)
• Green chili (cut into thin rings)
• Vinegar
• Sugar
• Salt to taste
• Water


1. Grate young ginger.
2. Cut a few green chilies across into rings. If you do not like the spiciness of the seeds, slit each chili lengthwise and remove seeds before cutting the chili into rings.
3. Place ginger and chili rings loosely into a jar.
4. Mix water, vinegar, sugar and salt and boil.
5. pour the hot mixture into the jar of grated ginger and green chili.
6. Close jar lid tightly after ingredients has cooled. Refrigerate.
7. Let relish sit overnight or longer for flavors to mix.


Vinegar, ginger and chili are germicidal making them good companions for raw foods such as salads and sushi. This relish also increases salivation and stimulate the stomach to ramp up its digestive juice secretion.

Ginger and chili induces perspiration and promotes energy circulation, transporting blood and oxygen more efficiently to tiny blood vessels as well as facilitate toxin removal. They prevent platelets from clumping together, thin the blood to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis [hardening of arteries]. To learn more about ginger and home remedy recipes, see next section.


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