Crispy, Fragrant Fuling Pancake

Fuling pancake
Try this wafer-thin, fragrant, crispy pancake with the added benefit of fuling, a therapeutic mushroom. Fuling is a porous mushroom shaped like a coconut and can grow as large; hence one of its scientific names is ‘Poria cocos’. Like truffles, this mushroom grows underground, its host being the roots of pine trees. Its brown skin is a good diuretic and is used to combat edema (water retention) and detoxify the body. The interior of the fruit body is white with many pores.

Traditionally fuling has been used to improve functioning of the spleen, regulate the stomach, tranquilize nerves and soothe the heart. It is also beneficial for the liver, kidneys and skin as well as invigorate chi (vital energy).



• 3 tablespoons fuling flour/powder
• 4 tablespoons rice flour
• 1 tablespoons wheat flour
• 4 to 6 tablespoons raw Sugar (less sugar if desire less sweetness)
• 2 eggs
• ½ teaspoon of salt
• Coconut milk


Part 1

1. Mix and sieve the 3 flours together.

2. Beat eggs and salt till light and fluffy.

3. Add in alternate spoonful of sugar and flour, beating after adding 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls each time.

4. Beat in enough coconut milk to make a runny batter.

Part 2

1. Heat up an oiled pan.

2. After oil is hot, pour in a very thin layer of batter to cook over low heat. Ensure the batter cover the whole pan evenly.

3. Cover the pan. After a few minutes, open the cover to check whether pancake is cooked.

4. Transfer cooked pancake into a plate.

5. Repeat process to make more pancakes until batter is finished.


• Instead of leaving the pancake flat, you can roll or fold it up immediately after it has cooked. The pancake will stiffen once it has cooled.
• Store any uneaten cooled pancake in an airtight container.


• This pancake is not very sweet. Spread jam or soft cheese on the pancake before eating.

• Fold pancake into an envelope with fillings such as dried fruits / crushed toasted nuts / toasted grated coconut or desiccated coconut with toasted sesame seeds.

Traditional medicinal uses of fuling

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) classifies fuling as bland-sweet in flavor and neutral in nature.

Fuling is combined with other herbs to deal with the following problems:
• Removal of obstructive phlegm, sinusitis, shortness of breath

• Loss of appetite, nausea, stomachache

• Palpitation, to relax smooth muscles

• Dizziness, lethargy, exhaustion, vital energy deficiency

• As diuretic to dispel water-retention (edema) through urination

• Detoxify the body leading to clearer, better looking skin

• Chronic skin problems due to inflammation leading to skin eruptions such as acne

• Urination difficulty due to damp heat, Watery stools

Fuling is extremely high in polysaccharides (complex carbohydrates commonly associated with medicinal properties) comprising over 90 % of the dried mushroom mass. [Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin]. It is of low toxicity and is mild enough to be taken as food. Native Americans eat it as food; hence its other common name is Indian bread.

The polysaccharides is in the form of *beta glucan, an insoluble fiber in fuling with a very high capacity for mineral absorption. The huge amount of insoluble fiber makes chewing the mushroom tough. The Chinese powdered it to make it easier to consume. However, this mushroom is more often consumed as medicine rather than as food by the Chinese.

Researchers found the glucans anti-inflammatory and may have a soothing effect on the stomach and intestines. This may explain “the role of fuling in formulas that treat nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, stomachache, and stomach ulcer, as well as cases of excess phlegm production that may result from stomach irritation.” (Dharmananda)

Other medically significant compounds in fuling are triterpenes. Preliminary research indicated they have immunological effects, including anti-cancer effect. Another study reported, “Triterpene in vitro protects red blood cells from AAPH-induced hemolysis.”

Where to buy fuling flour

Chinese medicine shop sells the flour. Some of the names it goes by are fuling (Chinese), bukuryo (Japanese), tuckahoe (Native American), Indian bread, hoelen and Poria. Do note that there are other medicinal mushrooms also called poria that are consumed as medicine, not food.

Precaution: TCM healers prescribe fuling starting from 9 to 10 grams per therapeutic dosage. When eaten as food, do not consume over this threshold therapeutic amount. Consult a trained healer if you wish to take fuling for therapeutic use.

*Glucans have many protective, stabilizing, organizational, and barrier functions. For more information see:

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