Moisturize For Lovelier Skin

soy red bean drink

I enjoy the smooth, creamy texture of this congee and the mild fragrance of the red bean. Normally I take it with pastries, cake, pancake or other snacks.

The black skin soybean has more powerful antioxidants than its pale skin cousins do. The moisturizing properties of soybean and snow fungus counterbalance the diuretic effect of red beans. So you can moisturize dry skin and hair externally, lubricates your GI tract internally. The drink invigorates circulation of blood and chi. the beans help to expel toxins from the body through urination.

If you are abnormally dry, reduce the red bean and increase the snow fungus. The snow fungus gives the drink its smoothness and creaminess and thickens the drink. Adjust the ingredients ratio to suit your personal preference.

This drink has neutral energetics, which makes it suitable for all constitutions. If you are sick, consult your TCM doctor first and follow the diet therapy he tailored for you.

Soy Red Bean Congee


• 4 tbsp. black soybean
• 7 tbsp. red bean
• 1/3 snow fungus (soak in water)
• Sugar to taste
• 800 to 1000 ml. water


1. Wash softened snow fungus clean and break into tiny pieces.

2. Wash beans clean.

3. Soak all ingredients overnight.

4. Next day, put all ingredients in a food processor to liquefy.

5. Pour liquefied ingredients into a pot and add in more water to boil.

6. After water has boiled, turn down heat to simmer.

7. Occasionally stir contents and ensure it does not boil over or stick to the bottom of the pot.

8. Switch off heat after all snow fungus has melted. (About 45 minutes to an hour)

9. Add in sugar to taste.


If you do not like to stir the contents frequently, do not process the beans and snow fungus. Put all ingredients in a slow cooker to boil overnight. Process cooked contents the next day to liquefy.


I used a machine that is specially designed to make congee. I just poured the soaked ingredients into the machine, set the timer and it would pulverize everything and cook it. The machine stirs the contents automatically. The above instruction is for someone using a normal pot on a stove.

Best drunk warm because the drink thickens when it is cool.

Additional information:

TCM believe the sweet flavor acts on the meridians of the spleen and stomach. See how TCM uses the properties of flavors in food therapy:
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Ayurveda (Indian system of health) also have its own ideas on the effects of the sweet flavor on different constitution types:
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