Honey myrtle tea

Ingredients: quat xai, honey, lemon myrtle leaves, glass of tea with Chinese tea and mulberry leaf blend

Some neighbors celebrated the Spring Festival with dazzling displays of fireworks and noisy firecrackers into the early hours of the morning. This morning I decided to make a ‘quickie’ herbal tea to deal with the dull headache and under-the-weather feeling.


• 1 to 2 quat xai fruit (or wedge of lemon)
• 3 lemon myrtle leaves- chopped
• 1 teabag of Chinese tea -mulberry leaf blend
• Honey to taste

1. Simmer chopped lemon myrtle leaves in hot water for a few minutes.
2. Turn off fire and cover for about 10 minutes to steep.
3. Strain into a glass or mug and add in Chinese-mulberry tea teabag and cover to steep, jiggling the bag occasionally.
4. When tea is lukewarm, add honey and quat xai/lemon juice. Stir to mix.

Why I chose the ingredients

Lack of sleep can bring down one’s immunity, interfere with the body’s job of housekeeping to detoxify and repair tissues damaged at night.

Mulberry leaves stimulates the liver to function better in detoxification. The herb is ‘cooling’ and is used to alleviate my headache. It acts on the liver and lung meridians.

Tea has the stimulant, caffeine and is rich in polyphenols. The scent of lemon myrtle is a soothing perk-me-up.

The chosen ingredients are full of antioxidants, boost immunity, bactericidal and antiviral. Chinese tea, mulberry leaves and quat xai are cooling, meaning they are able to moderate body temperature. The simple sugars in honey provide quick energy and aid tissue repair.

This is a mild drink since my problem is not severe.

Another remedy to deal with my condition is chrysanthemum and American ginseng rootlet tea.

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